“Its skin is,But it’s dark inside。”

“What do you say?”Li Tianzhen is shocked,And I feel very uncomfortable,I don’t know what happened in the former Temple of War,Why do so many silver armored warriors appear in the mortal world?According to Qilin Beast,Didn’t this silver armor samurai also fall??
“The soul makes up its flesh and blood,Soul crystal formed a new soul,This is an extremely superb trick,The caster arrested countless souls to prevent his reincarnation,Then cultivate the soul and kill the soul,Refining Soul Crystal,Finally find a suitable body to reshape a new soul,Sure enough。
“But this soul’s mentality is weak,But full of evil。‘Lord of Seven Flames’,We have to be careful,The guy just now is just an introduction,The guy behind it is really strong。”
“Compared to the Demon Lord?”
“Only high not low,I just don’t know if this thing is also trapped,Otherwise you and I better go home。”
“Since it’s here,There is no reason to turn around and run,Maybe the dignified Qilin Beast God is also timid and afraid?”Li Tianzhen frowned,Stronger than the devil,What is that concept?But it’s impossible to go home,Xiao Songhe‘Mane rat’Missing,At least check it out.,It’s just that the difficulties and risks are a lot bigger than imagined。
“Ha ha,You don’t want to excite me,I know I can’t beat you,How is this different from dying?”Unicorn beast talking,Body shape shrinks rapidly,The forefoot injury seems to have healed,Suddenly or as a black smoke, it sinks directly into Li Tianzhu’s Yintang,“You don’t need to go,It’s all up to you next。”
So bastard?Provoked an ass,Hide by myself?Li Tiansi stunned,It’s funny thinking about it,Once I make a mistake,Except for the Magic Tower,Where else can you run?
After the monster escaped,Doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to retaliate,The mountains in the distance are very quiet,Look around,Already dark as ink,The stars in the night sky seem to hide suddenly,Even the only light in the farmhouse disappeared,Since I hit the monster,Must have provoke the terrible existence here,I can’t go up the mountain right now,Can only make do for one night in this small village,Just to consolidate the state,It’s just that whether it’s peaceful this night is between the two。
Make up your mind,Li Tianzhen strolled along the path beside the paddy field,Not long,I saw a white flower appeared under the ridge in front,Seems to have just happened,Very abrupt,He couldn’t help but raise his energy again,The dark golden dagger on his arm spit out light,Now it is convenient for lighting。
That is a*Male corpse,Soaked Snow White Extreme,It looks very gloomy in the dark night,The male body is in his early thirties,Face square,Serene facial features,Just eyes open,How awkward,No matter from which angle,Those eyes seem to be looking at Li Tianzhi,Obviously no gods,How can there be a feeling of being targeted?Weird!
Li Tianzhen rubbed his eyes and looked again,The scary thing is that the corpse seemed to blink,I don’t know if it’s dazzled,Anyway, he really moved a bit in his feelings。Li Tianzhen simply squatted down,Energize,Full vision,Trying to find something from the corpse’s dilated pupils,There seems to be a change in the depth of the dead pupil,Gradually zoomed in Li Tianzhen’s sight,Soon disappeared,The gray and depravity that represents death is everywhere,But soon it gradually gained brilliance。
front,It seems to be yellow sand in the sky,The wind is raging around everything you can see,Rough gravel under the feet,The vague and towering mountains undulate in the distance,How can this picture be so familiar?Li Tianzhen’s mind only fluctuated slightly.,Fell into the picture again。
Someone is running ahead,Towards the rising sun,Four people in total,wrong,Is five!One of them is carrying an old man,After the yellow sand fades,You can clearly see the back of these four people,Uniform navy clothing,And old-fashioned berets,But it’s all shabby,Everyone is carrying weapons and water bottles,It’s like a long journey,They are soldiers?Special Forces?Performing task?
The running young man is exhausted,Some are still injured,The old man is dying,Skewed head,Seeing to be unable to hold it。Li Tianzhen’s heartbeat speeds up suddenly,He found the past almost forgotten all at once,The dream that was once painful,More than twenty years ago,Far west border,Countless scenes suddenly spewed out,Filled my whole mind instantly,Li Tianzhen wanted to look at the faces of these people,A little worried while hesitating。