Zhang San Li four listened to the real name,In fact, it is indeed,Every group of appreciation,Call Zhang San Li 4,It should be the Heroes Island,Under the two island,The code of the third fourth person。

“Have you sent it??”Chu Deiren asked quickly。
“received。”Murongjiu directly nodded。
See the Chu Deiren,Murongjiu explained this:“Originally, I want to give me a good order.,I didn’t give him a reply.,When he came back, he would host him in Murong Mountain.,As a result, the head of the Jiangnan twenty-eight cottage was sent a penalty.,Let me hit……I have warned them.,Switching is that I took a good order!”
Murongjiu is still proud,Probably I feel that I have successfully bought the people of Jiangdong Green Forest.……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 558 good
Heroes in the Dajiang Lake,Rule ratio《Herk passenger》In the original,More than a lot。
After all, put it in the big rivers and lakes.,Although the Heroes Island is also a martial arts、Hidden world,Just a generation of Zhang San Li four,Is a master,but……Not far from the world,Kill、Taking the existence of Zhang Sanli, there is no person,There are two people who know the Chu Deirens.。
by《Herk passenger》Rules,Don’t say that it is a good penalty,Even if the Longmu Er Island is also unable to hold。
In the big rivers and lakes,Reward the rules of a bad penalty,Enjoy the good order、Not accept,No matter how to choose,Heroes will not be reluctant,But just get it,It is necessary to go to the appointment。
And penalty is not to pick up,Must and Zhang San Li four——Have a hundred strokes,The two people turned。
If you have,Either accept、Either!
This is also for anger,Otherwise, such as Dingchun Autumn,Although support,But if more,Can completely join hands to kill and appreciate the evil。
Objects posted,Not only limited to all senders,Just a person who has a home,It’s easy to find,So there is more posting.!
In addition, there is an agreement with Iron gall,A famous hero on the chivalrous list,Can only redeal,Otherwise, the master of the knight“Penalize”,The world’s first Zhuang and Shenhou’s face,First can’t go。
Murongjiu does not dare to say that everything is just a party,Even a year ago,But always,have not reach yet“Penalize”Degree——The Heroes is not asked by morality to request the rivers and lakes.,Generally a recognized evil person,Will you get a penalty。
What’s more, Murongjiu has never been over in the same day.,Naturally, Zhang San is appreciating good order。
At first, Murongjiu did not want to go,So just say“Entertain two times when you come back”。
Generally,Herosal Island appreciation penalty,It is Zhang Sanli to come out of the east.,West to Tibetan Snow Mountain、Xiangxi,North to Tianshan、Hengshan and Bai Mountain Black Water,South to Leizhou……
Snow Mountain Party、Northern north、Leizhou backon……These places,Heroes are generally。
It is also from east to the west.,Some good bones,And can choose not to pick up,When I went to China,Is the true snapper!
Finally, Zhang San Li 4 is the person who wants and accepts.,Out of the sea,Nature is also returning。
Like Changle help this imaginary black road,It will definitely handle it when it is back.。
Murong Jiu is originally thinking that I will discuss with Chu Deirers.,So I didn’t promise Zhang San、But didn’t say death to refuse,Just say that when they return, decide。
But later because I found this three Li four,Also give some famous Jiangdong Green Forests,Murongjiu is considering,The Jiangdong Green Lin took the good order!
Considering Murongjiu’s martial arts,Plus, she is just into Jiangdong Greenlin,Therefore, Zhang San Li’s four also promised,As long as Murong Jiu appreciates good order,After that, Jiangdong’s green forest is not issued.。
Heroes is outside the limit,I want to send some gold“Pleasure”Still very difficult,After all, people can pick up,I have passed the person who is pleased to Heroes.,Only Zhang Zhenren and Iron Gallo,Even Zhang Zhen people have been there during the year.,It is prohibited from moving in the disciples,So most appreciation,I can’t make it at all.……
Longmu Er Island, please take everyone to Heroes Island,Also purposeful,It’s not bad.,Can not be like this in the case,Naturally, I have to talk about some tips.。
Be limited to“Jiangnan East Road”The words of the green forest,Heroes is not given to them this time,Change a South Murgono,Undoubtedly。
Chu Deirers have a little complained,Murong Jiu is too impulsive,And it is very beautiful——What is the use of your goods??
But it is not too nervous.,Because……This 趟 侠 客 岛,Chu Deirers will definitely choose to take a trip!
Although Chu Deirens understand,Heroes is likely to be more mysterious than the original、More secret,But the big direction will not be wrong,Affirmation《Tai Xuan Jing》Come。
And I have to go to Wudang after the Chu Deirers.,I can ask Zhang Zhen people when I arrive.,What exactly is the Heroes Island?……
“strangeness,This San Li Fang did not see them to post it.?”Chu Deirers still have a bit wonderful。
“Of course, will not enter Lin’an,Otherwise, no matter what is good or penalty,At this time, I made a mess in Lin’an.,East Factory and the Longshan Villa will not sit.。”Murong Jiuti said。
“It seems that you want this post,I really have to stare at them.。”Chu Deirers are alone,Tasting all around,Zhang San Li, I am afraid I will not take the initiative to find him.。
“You have to go?”Murong Jiu Wen said a little amazed.,Slightly……There is still some embarrassment。