Zheng Sun Zhenchi is supported by the guests、Compliment to mid-frequency cheers,When I am proud,A horse ran up from downstairs,Even shouting:“Big……Big and young,Oh no……”

Sun Zhenchi frowned,Very unhappy in my heart,Today is my new day,Why does Sun Hong say all bad things?,Beat the table,Anger:“Sun Hong,What style of panic,I’m still fighting when the sky falls,It won’t fall!”
Sun Hong was scared by him,I even swallowed the words I put to my lips,Sun Zhenchi said with satisfaction this time:“Speak,what’s up?”
“two……The second younger is dead!”
Sun Zhenchi stood up excitedly,All the guests in the room are all silenced at once。
At this moment, Jiading was carrying Sun Zhenyi’s body upstairs in the back。
Seeing the brother’s body on the stretcher,The wine glass in Sun Zhenchi’s hand is“Bang”Fell to the ground,Roared:“Who the fuck did it,I will smash him into pieces!”
Sun Hong hastened to briefly talk about Chen Xiu and Daniel.,Even more:“Big and young,The two of them left the city from Beicheng a quarter of an hour ago,Do we chase!”Interesting reading
Sun Zhenchi has calmed down a bit,Shook his head and said:“Beicheng is the site of Hu Mazi,Our Big Sword Club only killed the wolf gang last night,Hu Mazi in Beicheng and Bing Liu in Xicheng are panic,All day alert,Worried that we will kill them together。
At this moment, if I lead someone to chase from Beicheng,Only cause misunderstanding,Let Hu Mazi go to war with us。Although we are not afraid of Hu Mazi,But I fought a tough battle last night,Haven’t taken a break,Now is not the time to start war。”
Sun Hong said right away:“Don’t you just let them go!”
“Of course not!”
Sun Zhenchi asked:“You just tortured me by the onlookers,Make sure one of them is an Orion in Longxi Village, right??”
“Yes,I questioned a few people,They all recognize that Daniel is the prey of Longxi Village,I used to sell animal skins in the town。”