Lu Hao gave Xia Jian the route,Xia Jian drove straight to He Yumei’s house。The big village,Just a few minutes after driving。

Finally the car stopped at a courtyard gate。Typical rural yard,Red brick building on three sides。From outside,This family should be living well。
The big red painted wooden door is closed tightly,Xia Jian pushed hard。No plug in,The gate opened with a crash。At this moment,A woman in her thirties walked out of the upper room。This woman dresses plainly,But good shape。At first glance, it is the embryo of a great beauty。
“Who are you looking for?”The woman asked in her coaxing voice。
Xia Jian said quickly:“Let’s find He Yumei!”Xia Jian finished saying this,I found that Yao Junli beside me was standing still。Staring at this woman。
This woman did not speak,But came over to Xia Jian。I can see clearly when I get closer,Except for the traces of the years,Black skin is not black,Because women living in the countryside,It’s pretty good to have this kind of skin tone。
“Yao Junli!Did you go to the wrong door?!”The woman suddenly sneered。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“What do you mean He Yumei!Are you trying to drive us out?Don’t forget,All visitors。Zhang Lu does not treat guests like you”Yao Junli is the boss,People who have seen the world,He Yumei was trapped in two sentences。
“Your mouth is still so good。I mean my family is poor,You came in and didn’t even have a place to sit,I’m afraid that your clothes will get dirty”He Yumei smiled slightly,But she still doesn’t spare Yao Junli。
Xia Jian looked anxious,Because time is a bit rush,They have to do business。If these two people keep fighting like this,Didn’t you delay business。
So he laughed and said:“Sister He!We have something to ask you。Do business first,You two will quarrel again!”Xia Jian is straight to the point,Go straight。
“Sister He?Am i older than you?Don’t look at my dark complexion,But i’m young,Maybe younger than you”What He Yumei said is serious,Say it’s true。
Yao Junli couldn’t help laughing:“Cucumber hit donkey,Mixed tender。I’ll tell you!He is one year younger than me,Three years younger than you,you got it!”