Green Bull looked at Leo blankly, not knowing what happened。

“Don’t snore!”
When Green Bull heard Leo’s words, he couldn’t help but curl his mouth.,You have a face to tell me not to snore,Why do I sleep in such a hurry??
Is it because you snore too loudly,Made me unable to sleep,That’s why I rushed to sleep first。
But Green Bull fought a few battles during the day,Consumption is not small,So go to sleep again。
Watching the green bull calm down,Leo lay in bed and thought quietly。
Although he doesn’t seem to care about power,But I really care,Because these little brothers are the basis for his future actions。
“Want to harm the Tianlong people,Power is definitely needed,Also let them help find Weibull!”
Weibull’s news often has,But it has not been able to lock Weibull’s position。
The vast sea,As long as you don’t stay in one place for a long time,No one can find。
If you can lock the position,Then the pirates are not a problem for the navy,Let the lieutenant general go and sweep。
The problem is that it is hard to find,I find someone and I will run when I see you。
“How strong is Weibull??”Leo has been worried about this problem,If too strong,Even if Weibull’s brain is not good, he can’t deal with it。
“Let Seun go first,Thurn is not Weibull’s opponent but can trade injury for injury,I’ll take the head steadily!”
Seen is really important,Not just facing Weibull,Leo still has to rely on Seren to resist the next temptations of the forces。
Thinking about,Leo stood up suddenly,Then take the moon song and go out。
When Leo took the knife,The green new who was still asleep suddenly woke up,There is no trace of sleepiness in my eyes,Only asking。