And looking at it all,At this time, Wang Teng is looking in front of him,In his heart,Even more eager to try。

“well,In this case,Then just follow what you said,Ready to start。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,Others followed Wang Teng,A swarm of swarms began to rush towards the distance。
For them,How to solve such a thing this time。
Just these,Actually it has become very difficult。
And Wang Teng,In fact, it is also to solve this kind of thing comprehensively。
“Actually now,All of this,Are doomed。”
“In that case,Then this time,They will never have a chance。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,The people around looked at each other,They raised their heads and looked in front of them。
After all, the more so,These things,Still need to deal with it as soon as possible。
And at the same time,The other side。
Wei Zhonglei came here with a large group of people。
“Wang Teng,You get out!”
Wei Zhonglei knows,Now words,In fact, it should be necessary to deal with these things quickly.。
if not,Continue to consume,No one knows,What the result will be。
I watched it for a while,at this time,In front of Wei Zhonglei,The people around said to Wei Zhonglei。
“Boss,We took a look,Find something over there。”